11 traits flourishing relationships have in common

By Liz Paul, Psychotherapist & Counsellor

What are the common ingredients in a successful relationship?  Here are the traits I’ve often witnessed in relationships which flourish:

  1. They are each other’s best friend
  2. They are committed to each other and their relationship
  3. They are kind to each other
  4. They have each other’s back
  5. They are faithful
  6. They are forgiving and compassionate
  7. They each admit they are not perfect
  8. They communicate honestly and openly
  9. They put their partner first
  10. They show appreciation for each other
  11. They are affectionate

What are the issues for which most people seek assistance?

  • Relationship break-ups
  • Constantly fighting with your partner
  • Loss of intimacy with your partner
  • Communication problems with your partner or child
  • Difficulty parenting toddlers or teens
  • Pre-marriage counselling
  • A child misbehaving
  • Eating disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Family counselling
  • Wanting to separate from their partner amicably
  • Helping the children cope after a relationship break-up
  • Trouble staying in relationships
  • HSC stress for students and their families
  • Relationship commitment issues
  • Problems at work
  • Couple counselling
  • Difficulties with step-children
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Problems with in-laws
  • Substance addiction
  • Facing major life changes
  • Making new life choices
  • Relationship counselling